What is a Strategic Community Plan?

    A Strategic Community Plan is a document that contains the community’s vision and aspirations for the area. It provides guidance for a Local Government’s operations and should be developed in partnership with the community.

    Why do we have to review it?

    The State Government sets the requirements for a Local Government’s Strategic Community Plan through legislation and regulations and the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework. The Local Government Act 1995 requires that the Strategic Community Plan undergo a major review once every four years. This review must take into account the community’s aspirations for the future.

    What other chances will I have to share my thoughts and ideas for the Strategic Community Plan?

    The community engagement for the major Strategic Community Plan review will be carried out in two phases. The first phase will seek to gain your thoughts and ideas for the future of Kwinana. In the second phase we will work with you to refine these ideas to progress the development of meaningful strategies.

    What is the timeline for the development of the Strategic Community Plan?

    See the timeline and different stages in the project's lifecycle.

    What other components make up the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework?

    There are several other plans which support the achievement of the Strategic Community Plan, they aim to adequately resource activities that will achieve the vision for the future. They are:

    ·         Corporate Business Plan

    ·         Long Term Financial Plan

    ·         Asset Management Plans

    ·         Workforce Plan

    ·         Area Specific Strategies and Plans